Sailors' Life

Sea has some of the brightest minds in Greater Southeast Asia and it is an enriching experience working together to create solutions that have a huge impact on individual consumers around the region.

- Carolyn Foo (Software Engineer, IOS Team)

Every day at Sea, I come across many new and interesting challenges. Overcoming these challenges makes a difference to my community, company and family and gives me a sense of purpose.

I really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a project, knowing that I made an impact.

- Krit Pattanateacha (Producer, Game Operations)

When I first got involved in the mobile game business, I was impressed by how fast Sea implemented its initiatives in the marketplace and Sea’s ability to quickly adapt to the rapidly-evolving internet industry.

On-the-job training at Sea has been focused on nurturing talent and cultivating effective and creative work habits, which ensure that we remain confident regardless of the issues we face.

- Lusha Feng (Head of AOV, Mobile Game Operations)

Sea is a great place to grow professionally and personally. There are plenty of opportunities to really make an impact on our customers, sellers and team.

- Atika Diana Rahardojo (Operations Team Lead, Shopee Indonesia)

The work we do inspires me. Knowing that the decisions we make brings about real change and value to Greater Southeast Asia really encourages me to give my all to every task.

- Apple Ng (Head of Internal Communications, Sea)